Outcasts and fugitives of Owl City, the Android population has been in hiding for the last twenty years. The Android Virus was created to cure all disease – but also came with side effects such as super strength, speed, and violet eyes. Seeing the potential to create super soldiers, a second strain of the Android Virus was created, known as V2.

V2 shared the same side effects, but also blessed all V2 Android’s with the ability to generate weapons out of thin air through molecular manipulation by using their Genetic Arsenals. When an accidental outbreak of V2 was unleashed upon the world, infecting millions of innocent people, the Android Massacres were the result.

Anna Androidka is no exception – born with V2 of the Android Virus, Anna is one of many who were saved from persecution as an infant. When their underground home is suddenly attacked by soldiers from Owl City, Anna and her fellow Androids in hiding are forced to find refuge. Due to their enhanced abilities, the Androids are constantly hunted down by the Human Liberation Task Force, who threaten their survival at every turn.

When that survival is threatened even more by the discovery of a superhuman virus meant to kill the entire Android population, Anna realizes that with nowhere left to run or hide, their only option is to fight back.

When an inside contact reveals that the Virus is being held in one of three secret facilities, Anna takes the opportunity to search for and destroy the Virus. With the lives of the entire Android population on the line, and the fate of everyone she knows and loves, Anna will stop at nothing to destroy the Virus – and gain the freedom she’s always longed for.

© 2017 Devon Harry

Shimmer collage-2018-01-20.jpgNow there’s a reason to be afraid of the dark.

When seventeen-year-old Hadlee Spencer is forced to bring her crazy step-sister Lacey to a party, she thinks her reputation is ruined. Queen Bee of Shimmering Heights High, Hadlee dreams of a future in fashion design far away from their small town in Colorado. But when she’s suddenly pushed from the Quarry and suffers serious injuries, her life changes in an instant.

Awakening to discover she can move things with her mind, Hadlee believes she’s going crazy and denies her newfound abilities at every turn . . . until she’s attacked by Darkness itself. Rescued by another group of students calling themselves The Lumen, Hadlee is sucked into a world she never thought could exist.

Hadlee learns that Shimmering Heights is a battleground for an ancient curse spanning centuries. The Darkness is trying to escape its underground prison, and the Lumen are sworn protectors of the Light. Forced with the decision to run from the fight or become a Lumen herself, Hadlee will have to give up her normal life in order to survive the very thing she fears most.

ForbiddenForbidden Aesthetic(Description to come)

Little Lost GirlsMissing

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