The 10 Best Gifts for Writers (Birthday Edition)

With another birthday come and gone, it got me thinking: what are some of the perfect gifts for writers? If you’re a writer looking for ideas for yourself, or you have writer friends with a birthday coming up and aren’t sure what to get them, then here’s a list that’ll hopefully spark the perfect gift idea!

1.) Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card! They’re simple, yet so effective. Gift cards to places like Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, or Target are the perfect place to stock up on more books or favorite writing supplies.


2.) Books

Or, if you know exactly what your friend likes to read, then get them a book! Books make the perfect gift; just make sure you know exactly what your friend wants, or you could end up accidentally getting them duplicates of books they already own!

Another great book gift is to get them a special edition of a book they already love, or even a box set of their favorite series.


3.) Journals

What writer doesn’t love a journal? Whether they like to use it for, you know – actually journaling – or writing down plot ideas, blogging schedules, or writing routines, you can’t go wrong with a journal!


4.) Writerly Mugs

Whatever their favorite drink, a mug is always fun. Writing quotes, grammar rules, Shakespeare insults, you name it – there’s bound to be a writerly themed mug for it!

Café has some of the best mugs available!


5.) Bookends

Writers are known for having lots of book, and book ends are perfect. Not only will they spice up a bookshelf, but they’re pretty cool to look at, and they’re the perfect writer themed decoration to liven up any room.

(I personally have my eye on the Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookends)


6.) Writer Coloring Books

Forget about the stigma of adults coloring! Coloring is one of the most relaxing and stress-releasing activities there is. In the past couple of years, some awesome YA themed coloring books have been released, and they’re an amazing gift!

book 1.png913M+eCw8pL.jpg

7.) Wick and Fables Candles

I haven’t personally used these, but I’ve heard they’re amazing! Candles inspired by your favorite books and favorite characters is sure to brighten any writer’s day! Not only can you shop for individual candles, but you can also subscribe to their monthly boxes!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good candle?


8.) Owl Crate Subscription

For just $29.99 USD, you can buy your friend a subscription to Owl Crate! They also offer three and six month prepay, if you’re feeling generous. Owl Crate is the leading young adult subscription box on the market. They gift you every month with a new YA release, bookish keepsakes, exclusive items from authors and publishers, and so much more They also offer Owl Crate Jr. for the Middle Grade readers out there.

I haven’t personally used Owl Crate, but I’ve heard nothing but good things, and even I’m tempted to sign up!


9.) Masterclass Subscription

With a payment of $180 for an all-access pass, or $90 for a single Masterclass, you can gift your writer friend with this amazing opportunity. Detailed classes taught by Dan Brown, R.L. Stine, Judy Blume, James Patterson, and so many other successful writers have available classes on the Masterclass website. Not only is the price point affordable for such a class, but you get life-time access that never expires.


10.) Workshop

Writing Workshops can range from $100 – $800 or more, and cover a myriad of topics like: Writing Women’s Fiction, 12 Weeks to a First Draft, Advanced Novel Writing, Focus on the Short Story, and so much more. There’s bound to be a topic your writing friend is interested in, whether they’re looking to get a certification, or level up their writing craft.
While Workshops are on the more expensive side, they’re definitely a more personalized and special gift. You can look more into workshops with resources like:

Catapult Classes
Writer’s Digest University
Gotham Writers Workshop

I personally asked for a specific workshop as a birthday gift, and I’ve really been enjoying it!


Whatever your budget, or your writing friend is interested in, I hope this list gives you a better idea of finding the perfect gift for all your writer friends out there!

Have you personally bought any items on these list or taken a Masterclass? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Devon

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