6 Tips to Make Reading a Habit

Reading is fun, and it’s just like every other entertainment medium out there. But so many people struggle with picking up a book, or never develop a consistent reading habit. If you’re someone who’s struggling to read more – or just looking to form a new habit – here’s six tips that should help you out!

#1. Find Books You Enjoy

I’m a big believer that high school English classes killed a love of reading for many people. Being forced to read classic literary novels that were hard to understand, digest, and even comprehend really sucked the joy out of reading for countless teenagers.

But here’s a secret: if you want to get back into reading, and make it a habit, it’s important to find books you’ll actually enjoy reading. You don’t have to read Charles Dickens or Nathaniel Hawthorne to be considered a reader. All you need to do is read.

Whether it’s YA books, science-fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, even graphic novels or comic books, find a genre that you will really be invested in. Reading is so much better when you actual enjoy it.

#2. Always Carry a Book on You

Whenever you leave the house, keep your book on you at all times. There are plenty of moments throughout the day where you can squeeze in some reading time. Like between classes, or waiting during a doctor’s appointment, or at the bus stop. You get the idea.
Think of it this way: if it’s a moment where you’d pull out your phone to browse the internet, try pulling out your book instead.

#3. Reduce TV Time

TV can be a great source of inspiration, creation, and wonderful storytelling. But TV and books are two entirely different mediums that tell stories entirely different ways. They both have their benefits, but TV can also be a time-consuming distraction.

For example, if you normally spend about three hours a night watching TV, try cutting your TV time down to two hours, and use that last hour to read. When developing a new habit, it’s important to be consistent.

#4. Set Scheduled Reading Times

If you find yourself struggling to sit down and read, try setting some scheduled reading time. Set a timer for fifteen, twenty, or thirty minutes – or however long you feel comfortable – and just sit down and read. Give yourself permission to sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever novel is in front of you for the allotted time period.

Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day, doing it every day will only help you form a new reading habit.

#5. Set a Reading Goal

If you’re someone who is highly goal oriented, setting a reading goal can be a great motivator. Find a goal you are comfortable with – like reading one book a week – and stick to it. The important thing here is to motivate yourself to meet your goal, while also working at a comfortable pace. Set a goal that will not only keeping you invested, but also having fun. Because that’s what reading should be: fun.

#6. Read Daily

Find a time within your day where you can dedicate it fully to reading without any interruptions. Even if it’s only a page a day, the important thing is to be consistent. Reading daily will not only help you develop a reading habit, but it will also teach you to read faster, improve your vocabulary and writing skills, and stimulate your creativity. You can’t go wrong with a daily reading habit.

The important thing to remember is that reading should be, above all things, fun. Don’t force yourself to read books you won’t enjoy, and read at a pace you feel comfortable.


Do you use any of these tips to develop your own reading habit? Let me know!

XOXO – Devon

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