The Worst Books I Read in 2018

Okay, “worst” might be a strong word here. While these definitely are not the worst books ever written, these were books that I simply just didn’t like for one reason or another. Everyone has a different taste for what they like, so here’s a few books that I just didn’t enjoy in 2018.

#1: A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo

As much as I love YA Thrillers, I frequently seem to be disappointed by them. A Line in the Dark had a promising premise, but the execution failed. While the writing was fine, the mystery itself was rather boring. But the biggest reason I didn’t like this was the POV switch.

The book is separated in two parts. The first follows the main character, Jess, through first person POV. But halfway through the novel, in part two, the book suddenly switches to third person POV. While it still follows Jess’s story, you can tell the other author made an attempt to conceal information from the reader by doing this switch. Unfortunately, it didn’t add to the story, and only made the twist that much more obvious.


#2: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I really wanted to love this book, I did. The premise is amazing, and I fell in love with this story during chapter one. But something switched after chapter one – and the story suddenly had tons of issues. First, I didn’t feel like it delivered on the promise of the premise. Much of the story was quite boring, and beyond that, the characters were shallow, uninteresting, and their motivations didn’t make any sense.

Overall, between the characters, lack of world-building or magic system, Three Dark Crowns fell really flat for me in 2018, and I’m still really disappointed by it.


#3: The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

When I read the blurb for The Smoke Thieves, I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it. But I was determined to not let a book blurb deter me from reading a book that might’ve been really wonderful. Unfortunately for me, The Smoke Thieves just wasn’t that.

I had quite a few issues with the writing style of this book. On top of that, out of five POV characters, I only really found one interesting. The other four were a little bland or too immature for my taste, and I found myself frequently bored reading their chapters. I do feel like the book started to redeem itself in the end, but by then I wasn’t invested in the story enough for the ending to worth it for me.


While these are my “worst” books of 2018, just because I didn’t like them, doesn’t mean you won’t! I took a chance on these three books, and while I was disappointed, I certainly don’t regret reading them.

-XOXO Devon

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